Photogrammetry to 3D Printing - Dog Statues #2

General / 04 December 2018

Finally, I've finished the Dog Statues as bookends. After painting the statues white as a primer, I've sanded them and spray painted in metalic gold. My purpose was to get that metalic gold as a base coat and on top, paint some brownish tones to give some dirtier look to them.

So, this was what I've got after painting it gold.

I really liked how it looked after the first coat. I've painted one more coat and then, picked a small brush to paint with brown some crevices and wiped with a napkin the excess of paint.

Here it is the before and after.

As well the base for the dogs.

Not the best results (since it was my first time doing this paintjob) but I was pleased with the results overall. Now, with the statues assembled, the one at the right is this.

And the one at the left.

This was my first project from photogrammetry to 3d print to painting. One last thing to add is some weight to the base of the statues to properly support the books.

Any questions, suggestions, etc, feel free to comment and i'll try to answer asap.


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Photogrammetry to 3D Printing - Dog Statues

General / 29 November 2018

Following the same workflow from my previous post, and in between the sanding and primer stages of the fountain, i've decided to pursue another project.

This one is at the same location as before, Marques de Pombal Palace in Oeiras, and since I've already scanned one dog statue there, I thought it would be cool to do both statues and make some kind of bookends.

I'll show the entire process of one statue since the other one I've used the same workflow.
Here you can see the dog at the right in 3D, once again, captured with 3DF Zephyr and uploaded to sketchfab:

From this, I've checked for any kind of deffects on Meshmixer and oriented it properly and from there, went to Cura to slice it.

I've added some infill in order to get a more or less robust print and printed it at 0.2mm layer height, so, pretty standard options.

5 hours later...

After removing the supports, it was time to do one coat with primer in order to reveal the problems on this print, so...

There are some areas that need a slight sanding in order to get a proper beautiful print.
So, now I'm back to the stage i've stopped earlier, sanding, primer, sanding and eventually one or two coats of the final color.

By the way, the stand for the dog was also made and here it is, using the same process as this:


Before (top) and after (bottom) the primer

Now it's time to continue with these objects and the fountain. I hope I can show on the next update something already close to finished. :)

Any questions, suggestions, etc, feel free to comment and i'll try to answer asap.


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Photogrammetry to 3D Printing - Marques de Pombal Palace

General / 21 November 2018

I've captured a photo dataset of a amazing fountain located at Marques de Pombal Palace, in Oeiras. The purpose of this photo session was to create a 3d model using 3DF Zephyr to solve these processes. The main idea was basically this - shoot the object, reconstruct it digitally and make it available on the web so anyone can see it. However, and since I've already a significant "collection" of relevant buildings, fountains, sculptures, etc, I thought it would be fun to 3d print some of them and try to recreate the environment. Since I'm now more at home (due to the birth of my son :) ) this looked like a good idea to try.

This palace is one of my favorites in the region, the gardens are beautiful and you can go there for free, so, i really don't know how many times I went there to shoot stuff (most of them are here and on my sketchfab), and for that, it seemed obvious to start this little project with something from there. 

The source is this:

From this, capturing a significant photo dataset and as said before, using 3DF Zephyr, I've got this:

Then, from this digital fountain, I've prepared it in order to get a proper 3d print.
At this stage, I've used a Creality Ender 3, a cheap but great solution for what was needed. Around 16 hours later the print was finished, with around 20cm tall.

After removing all the supports printed, I've got this:

Now, it's time to sand some areas and apply some paint. As soon as I have updates I'll post them. :D
Any questions, suggestions, etc, feel free to comment and i'll try to answer asap.


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