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PT Train Stations

PT Version:
O meu objetivo com esta campanha é conseguir "digitalizar" antigas estações de comboio portuguesas que mantenham os traços arquitetónicos originais bem como os azulejos.
Esta iniciativa parte de uma ligação pessoal a ambos os elementos e pretendo utilizar as ferramentas que domino para resgatar esse património português.
Vou utilizar a fotogrametria para que através de um determinado número de fotos terrestres e aéreas, consiga transpor para 3D os edifícios (estações de comboio) para que esteja disponível online para toda a gente ver e interagir com as mesmas. É um projeto a nível nacional e como tal, estou com esta campanha a angariar fundos para as deslocações, eventuais estadias, etc, com vista a conseguir levar a cabo o mesmo.
Agradeço desde já o vosso interesse e se não vos for possível contribuir financeiramente, por favor partilhem o projeto com os vossos amigos / família, para que outros o possam fazer.
Acompanhem a página pois vou colocando atualizações na mesma sobre os locais onde irei passar e alguns "making off" de todo o processo.

Eng Version:
My goal with this campaign is to "scan" the old tiled portuguese train stations.
I have a personal attachment to portuguese tiles and this is one way of combining two relevant and iconic portuguese symbols, our tiles and our train stations.
I've already done some work related to tiles and some tests on train stations.

I'm going to use a technique called photogrammetry(same technique used on my models at sketchfab), to capture several images from the building itself and then process them and bring those images into a 3D model. That model can be 3D Printed, used as an asset in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality workflows.
It can be also displayed online, available for everyone to see them. This process will allow also to get an online archive of our beautiful portuguese stations

It is important to state that I won't do every train station since there are already many that are new or have been reconstructed, so i'll focus only on old ones, the original buildings and original tiles .

This campaign will take the duration of a whole year, starting November 2017 and ending (hopefully) at December 2018.
I'm going to do this on my free time, weekends and holidays.
The amount I'm asking is the bare minimum to get to the locations and in some cases, accomodation and buying a small drone (due to the duration of the project, renting would be much more expensive).

As you can see on the video, i have already the equipment to photograph and process the images from the ground however, just need now the drone to get aerial shots to merge and some money for gas, train tickets (in some occasions) and eventually in certain situations, accomodation.
3DFlow guys already helped me getting a version of 3DF Zephyr to get this project going, to be able to process all my images and turn them into a 3d model.

I've established this deadline to be able to do everything right and relaxed since I'll be alone doing most of these stations. I will need this time to research, to photograph and process the photos. I'll be posting updates and i'll say in the week earlier where i'll be in the next so anyone who is curious or want to join to learn something different are wellcome to do it.

The final 3d models are for public display and I think that everyone wins with this. Knowledge is meant to be shared and that is why I want to do this and why I invite everyone who wants to join me, to help me and be active in this project.

I would like to have an interactive campaign so I can also hear from you, feel free to ask questions, share places or stations (if you are in Portugal) and be alert because i'll be sharing also the stuff i'll be doing meanwhile. :)

I hope you like the nature of the project and if you can't help financially, please do by sharing the campaign with others..