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Photogrammetry to 3D Printing - Dog Statues #2

General / 04 December 2018

Finally, I've finished the Dog Statues as bookends. After painting the statues white as a primer, I've sanded them and spray painted in metalic gold. My purpose was to get that metalic gold as a base coat and on top, paint some brownish tones to give some dirtier look to them.

So, this was what I've got after painting it gold.

I really liked how it looked after the first coat. I've painted one more coat and then, picked a small brush to paint with brown some crevices and wiped with a napkin the excess of paint.

Here it is the before and after.

As well the base for the dogs.

Not the best results (since it was my first time doing this paintjob) but I was pleased with the results overall. Now, with the statues assembled, the one at the right is this.

And the one at the left.

This was my first project from photogrammetry to 3d print to painting. One last thing to add is some weight to the base of the statues to properly support the books.

Any questions, suggestions, etc, feel free to comment and i'll try to answer asap.


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