General / 26 February 2019

This is my first entry for my project #StatueMeltdown, using photogrammetry, fluid simulation and 3d printing.

This project aims to help creating some (extra) awareness on the Global Warming topic, using for that, some statues done by portuguese artists that are going to be 'scanned', virtually melted and then, 3d printed.

For this first case, i've treated a statue done by Anjos Teixeira, located at his museum in Sintra.
I've taken some photos of it and then, using 3df Zephyr, i've got this result.

From this I've done a fluid simulation that can be viewed in this gif.

I've chose an intermediate point within this simulation and then 3d printed with the Monoprice Mini Delta the original statue and the melted one. Here there are:

This is obviously an exaggerated point of view on global warming, however, it is a serious issue that shouldnt be put aside like there's nobody's fault or like it doesn't exist... It is here and it is happening.